What’s Your Balance of Elements?


Do you know the balance of your elements? It’s not always as simple as knowing your sun and moon sign. Certain situations, such as, having most of your personal planets in a sign other than your sun or moon sign can change your balance.


Are you mostly Air?
Are you mostly Fire?
Are you mostly Earth?
Are you mostly Water?
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to check your astrology chart and see wether you lack earth, fire, water or air.


Do you lack Earth?

If you lack earth, you tend to be impractical and unrealistic. You have ideas and feelings that you can’t translate into real life. You tend to spin around in your own head and live in your ideas and feelings without translating them into anything real. You need someone to ground you and turn your ideas, inspirations and feelings into real tangible achievements. Earth-sign people give you an appreciation of the simpler things in life. They slow you down and make you feel secure and at peace. They help you appreciate the simple pleasures in life. Earth signs help you satisfy your unconscious yearning to just sit and exist rather than constantly think, feel or look for excitement.


Look for a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn to balance you.

     Do you lack Air?

If you lack air, you aren’t able to detach and remove yourself personally from the world at large or the people in your life. You feel intimately attached to your surroundings and the people you are with. You want real solutions to problems and can’t dismiss emotions as passing feelings. You need someone to lighten your life and help you take things less seriously. Air-sign people make you see how life can be easier by letting go of the practical matters that each day holds, by letting go of heavy emotions, and by letting go of the need to instantly react to every new problem or threat. Air signs make you feel more relaxed and liberated.


Look for a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius to balance you.

  Do you lack Water?

If you lack water, you aren’t able to properly understand and process your feelings. You commonly overly express your feelings or deny them altogether. Feelings are confusing for you causing you to avoid situations or people who stir them. You crave people who can read you and help you express your feelings. Water-sign people provide this opportunity. They are patient with your emotional awkwardness and make you feel emotionally relaxed and more able to emotionally express yourself. You crave their depth. Water signs make you feel understood and at peace with your emotions.


Look for a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces to balance you.


     Do you lack Fire?

If you lack fire, you aren’t able to express yourself in a way that satisfies your need to make a real impact on the world and others. You lack the vitality and inspiration to have enough confidence in your first reactions to express them immediately without any hesitation. You would love to be more exciting. Fire-sign people give you this excitement. They inspire you and ignite you. You feed off their sense of immediacy and authentic energy. Their raw honestly sets you free and makes you feel alive. You love their confidence and forthright attitudes.

Look for an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius to balance you.


Why Does it Work this Way?

Because we all seek balance and homeostasis…

We naturally look for people who balance us. If there is an element or elements we are lacking, we look to balance ourselves with people who have an abundance of those elements.
I’m mostly water…


​I balance people who lack water…


I'm mostly water... ​I balance people who lack water


I’m mostly air…​
I balance people who lack air.
And i need to look for water signs : Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer


I'm mostly air...​ I balance people who lack air