The Aquarius Lover

We’ve already said quite a bit about the emotional propensities of Aquarius. Perhaps a little recapping is in order. Remember what we said about the air signs in general: they live in the world of ideas, and tend to be frightened by emotion. This is truer of Aquarius than the other two airy signs because Aquarius is what its called a ‘fixed‘ sign. This means exactly as it sounds. Fixity can also be translated as strength, stubbornness, or rigidity, depending on how extreme it is and whether or not that fixity is in agreement with you or not.

So Aquarius tends to repress his emotions. He often sees his emotions as a weakness, something embarrassing. You might deduce from that that he’s not the world’s most romantic or effusive lover. He’s often charmingly naïve in matters of the heart, and displays a winsome clumsiness which falls in weird counterpoint to his usually sophisticated ideas. In some ways, it’s delightful, because he’s usually incapable of playing the Don Juan unless he really means it. And then he’s likely to make a somewhat less than suave one. Aquarius’ gifts are not known to lie in the realms of courtship and romance.

So we can count sincerity of feeling and loyalty among his virtues. Because he’s generally clumsy with emotion, he usually means what he says if he ever does tell you he loves you. Also, Aquarius is a truth-addict. This means, on the other hand, that he doesn’t like lying, so you can believe him most of the time. On the other hand, it means you should be careful not to ask for those little declarations of emotional reassurance that lovers need. Instead of the compliment or reassurance, you might get a pronouncement like, ‘Well, to be strictly truthful, I don’t actually love you at this moment.’ I once knew an Aquarian man who felt obliged to announce, at various times of the day, whether he did or didn’t love me – not for any particular reason except that he felt I ought to always know the truth at all times. It can be pretty wearing on the ego, to say the least.

Aquarius’ loyalty springs from double-edged sources as well. On the one hand, he’s probably more capable than any other sign of adhering to a promise kept. So if he promises fidelity, and means it, he very likely will be – because he’s loyal to the ideal. And he does have a lot of self-discipline. On the other hand, his loyalty also springs from the fact that the realm of romantic escapades isn’t really his style. He’s awkward and unsure of himself in it, and often finds it more relaxing and less troublesome to remain loyal because he can get on with what he enjoys the most – things of the mind. It’s not that Aquarius lacks passion. Not at all. But he’s not particularly sensuous, and often doesn’t spend long hours with his erotic fantasies in the way that you would expect of Taurus and Scorpio and even Pisces. He’s busy thinking about the World and what can be done with it!