The Aquarius Key to Happiness and Success

Aquarius, you never forget that we are all in this life together.

We must cooperate and look out for one another if we expect to function successfully as a society. Your understanding of this dynamic is your gift. No other sign in the zodiac sees this as clearly as you. As the last air-sign of the zodiac, you apply your power of intellectual understanding to your vision of the world as whole.


It’s okay to shine your brightest even if you outshine every other person.

You never focus on yourself without first considering your affect on other people. Yet, you often feel lost in the crowd. Your sun’s ability to shine gets overshadowed by the more flamboyant showmen of the zodiac who so easily put themselves on display and soak up attention. Your maturity makes you lonely and even angry, but you always reason with yourself and stifle your feelings to support the egos of other people before your own. This is why your key to your happiness and success lies in understanding your right to shine regardless of how much your sun’s rays may blind others to everything except you.

Let other people worry about themselves once in a while. You don’t have to look after everyone all of the time. Learn to occasionally set yourself free from the web of society and do want you want to do regardless of other people. Follow your own desires. Stop yourself from being everyone’s metaphorical grandparent by making sure everyone does their part by following their proper social roles. Instead, shine your brightest and stop worrying. You will always serve society as the best example of mature, social behavior.

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