Aquarius- Cosmic Child

There is something strikingly beautiful about Aquarius. It’s hard to miss those eyes, whether they be light or dark, they always seem glassy bright, crystal, and sparkling, like the shocks of lightning that turn Uranus into a light show. There is a paradise in the Aquarius eyes, a coconut lagoon, mermaid clams, blue skies or night lanterns. It’s like the star Aquarius burst from continues to twinkle inside them, and the mind is a fluorescent lamp, dancing with thoughts tangled in constellations, the wisdom of Saturn and the eureka intuition of Uranus.


In mythology, Aquarius is the genius of the Nile.

Aquarius is the symbol of universal beauty, descending from the myth of Ganymede. Ganymede was Zues’s golden child, his wine pourer, the eternal beguilement of youth. Zeus dearly treasured Ganymede’s magical mind, it was his genius which seduced, in the same way the ideas of Aquarius act as an aphrodisiac of their own.
Like the delight Aquarius scatters through humanity, Ganymede was the much adored immortal who bought great pleasure to the gods. Leo, the sign of the inner child is on the Aquarius axis. Leo is ruled by the sun and represents the king. Ganymede was the sky prince, irresistibly beautiful, so the expression of cosmic royalty resides in Leo-Aquarius.

Aquarius is the masterpiece. It’s the framework of cosmic beauty. The portrait of an exquisite star. Aquarius is like the golden bridge that we walk upon, the finale footsteps we make in part human form before we launch off the ledge into the open, all encompassing Pisces ocean.

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