A Horoscope of Powerful Women

A powerful women is someone who would serve as an appropriate role model at anytime of your life. She is independent and goes for what she believes in. Doesn’t need a man to support her and is able to support herself.a woman who lives her life in a way that she finds fulfilling. She seeks self actualization and nurtures herself. A powerful women has the ability to change the world and this is what all these main representatives of each sign have done: 


Aries Gloria Steinem – is a key figure in the women’s movement and feminism. Her writing has helped change the lives of women around the world.




Taurus: Queen Elizabeth II – longest-reigning queen in history



GeminiAnne Frank -A teen girl who transformed the pain of her secret world into a memoir that would touch millionsAnne-Frank



CancerMalala Yousafzai – activist, youngest Nobel prize laureate in history



LeoJK Rowling – UK’s best-selling living author, also he Harry Potter writer.



Virgo Beyonce Knowles – singer, women and African American rights activist


LibraJulie Payette – astronaut, holder of 26 honorary degrees


Scorpio Hilary Clinton  

One of the most powerful woman on earth. She is an American politician




Tyra Lynne Banks  : is  an American model, television personality, talk show host, producer, author, actress, singer and business woman.54ee6f43357b8_-_sev-tyra-banks-001-mdn-20227374

Capricorn: Michelle Obama – lawyer, health activistmichelle-obama-1024

Aquarius: Harriet Tubman – Underground Railroad conductor, abolitionistHarriet-Tubman-248x300

Pisces Elizabeth Taylor also know  as a British-American actress, businesswoman and humanitarian.


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