50 Shades of Zodiac Love

I’m going to talk about Love and Eros, the most significant principles in the whole Creation. And believe me, as you already know from your lives, relationships are not about what’s easy or not. I believe that the most important thing that makes a relationship grow is Love and Eros. Your way towards love may is indeed a rose garden, but this article can help you avoid the thorns.



The fiery and mighty conquerors


if you are Aries you probably fall madly in love with:

* Aries: A very competitive relationship. If your lover is Aries you always strive to conquer him/her and the same applies to your partner. The nights are always fiery and the days full of demands. You are enchanted by this animal magnetism, you just can’t get enough of him / her.
Tip: Always invent something that he/she wants to conquer.

* Scorpio: You will learn what jealousy really means, what passion  is all about, what life is all about! With a Scorpio you discover you powers and at the same time what is your Achilles heel. Let your partner explore the world with you, let him/her know your adventurous sexy personality.
Tip: Love is a source of power to them. Be always sincere with them.

* Virgo: It really excites you that they look so snob and difficult to conquer. Your senses are enhanced when being with them waiting like a predator for their “weak” moment. The way they talk and walk stimulates your senses. They know how to turn you on and yes they will use it in not so obvious way.
Tip: Make them feel safe and you will never forget this night…

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