Zodiac Signs When Drunk

As millennial’s, we love to blame everything on our zodiac sign. We seek reassurance through our horoscope, and our personality traits are creepily defined by our signs. But one thing I think we can get away with is how we act while under the influence. Do you think people will question you if you explain why you black out every time you drink? I mean probably, but it’s worth the try.

So if you blackout every time you drink, you can’t stop flirting or you always have a shot in your hand, here’s an explanation why:



Loud, changes the music and dances by themselves, sometimes a bit of stupid (in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE), makes everyone dance with them, the one usually to come up with an idea to ride down a hill on some cardboard they found. They blow the mind of the most seasoned drinker and get them intoxicated to their level.  The more drinking games they play, the more belligerent they get with your brutal honesty. Be prepared for the honest truth. Their careless and unruly drunk personality means well, but their tongue can get sharp.