Taurus the Ecological Majesty

Taurus Ecological

As the fixed modality of the Earth triplicy, Taureans are the ‘earthiest earth sign’ and cultivate their roots richer and deeper than any other zodiac. With their demonstrative focus, dependable nature and durability, Taurus truly is the steady foundation to which we build everything upon. They wear a crown of fresh flowers that have endured the spring Aries growth, garnished with the jewels of slow and steady blossom.

The Taurus connection to the ecology of the Earth is reflected in their physiology; Taureans are the most fertile sign of the zodiac. Like the deep roots of historic trees which cement their presence in our environment, Taureans are attached and deeply grounded souls who simply refuse to let anything go. This can also include, sadly, those traumatic and painful memories. One of the great talents of Taurus is the ability to sustain jobs, relationships, and sense of security, they put roots down in one place, and make it their own, and they are over-endowed with common sense. The Taurus is like a garden, blooming with enriching sentiment, earthy rituals and rhythms, creativity wrapped in tree vines and the secrets of the ages written in their eyes. Like the Earth, Taureans work to their own natural time frame and rhythms. While other signs will fall to the way side, Taurus will generate more energy as they keep going. They live in worlds of their own where the clocks of reality bear little weight, and they know what is excellent endures. The simplicity and serenity of nature lines their arteries and they feel the squeals of delight from the grass under their bare feet. Pineapples, fresh flower fairies, sunrises and misty moons.

As a child of Venus, Taureans navigate the world through their senses. The fresh air of nature, trees, flowers and wildlife is extremely therapeutic and stimulating for them. They are often acutely sensitive to the seasons and weather changes. There is a real need for contact with nature, which and many Taureans fill the roles of farmers, gardeners, horticulturists or artists who use natural materials. One of the male images of Taurus is that of the green man, the male fertility principle. This sign is the closest manifestation material purity, and their sensory alertness allows them to connect to the five sense experience like no other. They can make universes out of empty sketchbooks, make homes out of half crescent Moons and heatwaves through their determination and spirit. This is all four seasons rolled intoone.