Gemini Key to Happiness and Success

Gemini, your ability to keep things quick and light is great, but your key to happiness and success lies in learning to slow down a bit and incorporate some patience, depth and attention to detail into your life.

Yes, you find answers quickly and are more accurate than most people. Yet because your mind works quickly, you tend to rush through things and inevitably miss some details and overlook feelings. Part of this need for speed comes from a dislike for depth. Going deeply into anything can be boring. You always need to keep moving. You don’t want to get snagged into problems that are found when delving deeply into things, especially feelings.

You don’t spend a great deal of time wading through your own feelings and you simply don’t have the patience to attend to other people’s emotional processes. You really just don’t care either. But this hurts your relationships, and relationships are a huge part of every person’s happiness and success. Because you avoid deep emotional issues, you often seem cold and indifferent. Those who need more compassion in their relationships will not deal with you. It isn’t that you intend to disregard feelings can appear cold. It’s simply too time consuming to dealing with messy feelings and there’s never a logical way to solve emotional issues and move forward.

For true happiness and success however, you need to remember feelings are not logical. They aren’t problems that can be solved. Slow down and take the time to attend to your own feelings and the feelings of others. You’ll improve your relationships and increase your own happiness and success.

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