Gemini – But Why?

The young Gemini multiples want answers out of everybody. And once they have extracted every learning resource you have to offer them, they get bored, and they’ll probably leave. And they won’t feel guilty for it either. They simply cannot pretend to be interested in hearing the same story twice. You’re no longer on the same vibrational path because you cannot possibly provide her with anymore information or experience or incessant, consuming stimulation. It only takes her phone losing power for a minute, a room of silence, or a lack of reading material for the Gemini to complain of boredom in under 10 seconds. She would lie in front of Jesus himself staring in amazement, excited about all the questions she could ask. And even Jesus would eventually run out of material, and she’d start responding with that distant and disinterested stare. Remember that there are many Gemini personalities in the one body, and each of these has its own questions, answers, and conclusions. Gemini is rarely hesitant to hide her lack of fascination or interest with certain people. She has a sophisticated social conduct but this deteriorates when she finds her company bland and tedious. She can abandon long term relationships and friendships without hesitation because she embraces the change of fresh perspectives. Her intellect cannot hide its need to ravage even greater thinkers, and it’s unapologetic in doing so. It’s always about ensuring the mind does not lapse into a mere moment of boredom, because this would mean that the Gemini is left with nothing but billions of thoughts, and they blow up like anxious butterflies. There are some people that manage to hook the many personalities of Gemini and keep each of them entertained and uniquely stimulated. If you love a Gemini, you’ll never have to buy crossword puzzles again, you’ll do them on her everyday. 

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