February problems are solved in March

February wasn’t the best month for every sign. It has left wounds on us, but we can overcome them as March brings more happiness and peace!

  • Aries:The season has not been too kind to you. You are filled with preoccupations and miseries of which you are not certain how to confront. For now, Aries, it is best to charge at the obstacles and bear in mind you CAN overcome them. Without a little faith, but also the strength to know what is necessary to set free, you yourself cannot find the freedom you so desperately seek.


  • Taurus:You have been trying to find new routes, new paths in your life. You seek change now, which is not typical of you, since you often seek stability. However, there are things you would adore to watch happen and alterations you are eager to bring into your life. The time has come to anticipate and welcome much needed change into your daily existence.


  • Gemini:You have been looked down upon by multiple people recently, those who you may see in a position of power and of near majesty. You may be thinking of one individual specifically. For the person looking down on you may be regarded as older, wiser, or with more experience. You don’t deserve to be belittled, Gemini. Hold your opinions steady, this person is merely trying to get in your way.


  • Cancer:You have been greatly perceptive of another’s motives, Cancer. Surely you do not know everything, no one in this world can obtain all there must be to know. It is endless. However, you have picked up some valuable information. Don’t ignore the signs. All this will be of great use to you in the near future.


  • Leo:You are feeling uninspired and let down in the present moment. This lack of energy can spring from lack of concern about yourself. Even the mightiest of beasts get the blues. Try to concentrate on what makes you happy rather than what does not, and you will regain your roar in no time.


  • Virgo:You are in a perfect mode to create something new. Although you are more logical and trial oriented, really take time to listen to your subconscious and bring your more abstract ideas to life. Get in touch with that innovative, intrepid side of yourself which demands to create their own reality. You’ll be surprised at how much you can walk away with.


  • Libra:An endeavor you expected to go over pleasantly has blown up in your face. Before you can cry and scream and beg for things to take a turn, sit back and evaluate. Why did this situation go wrong? Is there something you could’ve or should’ve done that you neglected to? Is this salvageable? Act from there. If all hope is lost, let this be a learning experience. Now you know more than you did before, and no less than you always have.


  • Scorpio:You have recently exhibited astonishing traits that are uncharacteristic of you and are surprising even your innermost self. Do not fear, Scorpio. You are still you. You are simply developing emotionally. While “emotion” can be a broad and frightening term, it is one you know all too well. Don’t shut out this growth. Welcome it.


  • Sagittarius:You often feel that there is a specific individual you cannot justify your actions toward, no matter how hard you try. You like to live righteously and make discoveries wherever you can, Sagittarius, so this may seem like an inconvenient obstacle standing in your way of fulfillment. Don’t try to preach to everyone; some are simply too small minded to fully understand.


  • Capricorn:You are certainly not one to shy away from challenges, and are currently being faced with one of the largest challenges there is; coming to terms with the uglier sides of yourself. This is not meant to be taken in the physical sense; rather, the sides of your personality you have trouble accepting. It’s time to really own your flaws, Capricorn. This will aid you in moving on and accomplishing more.


  • Aquarius:A certain area of your life which you thought you had control over seems to be growing bleaker and bleaker. However, your intuition is surging at the moment. Use what you know to be true and don’t question the rough edges too much. Some problems need to sort themselves out. It’s all a matter of the wait.


  • Pisces:It is a time of celebration for you, dear Pisces. Whether that be a congratulatory celebration, an awakening celebration, even a personal holiday of sorts, make it a point to enjoy yourself and forget about the more trivial aspects that have been wearing you down. Leave your issues out the back door. You are more powerful than you are aware of, especially at the present moment. Take a load off!
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