Do geminis really have friends?

 Does gemini have friends… or are they people there to amuse them and act as hard drives of information?

Sometimes gemini finds it hard to see other people in personalized frameworks, they can be entities, floating bags of information for their consumption, and once this has been exhausted there can be no thrill, intrigue, or interest.

If you manage to constantly massage a gemini mind, keep it stimulated and active, they will envelope you into them like their long lost twin geminis are loyal, but only to a select few. They can really be one of the most reticent, closed off signs.
Younger geminis can be socially obsessive people who acquire a lot of friends in their attempt to ascertain what ‘identity’ or ‘personality’ is truly them.

As the gemini matures, is given independence, and confronted with life events they become intimate with every part of themselves and self entertained in solitude. An integrated gemini is highly adaptable and dynamic with tremendous  competency and talent for every domain of life, there is nothing a gemini can’t do, think leonardo di caprio in ‘catch me if you can’.


But lets not forget that Geminis absolutely love people. Not only do they love people, but they love doing stuff with them, too. This is the person you call to catch a flick with you, hit up a new taco joint, ask for advice (they’re curious and analytical so it’ll definitely be good), and talk to for hours on end about anything and everything. They’re charming, witty, and always up for a good time. And if you’re feeling blue, you won’t be for long after you get a dose of their wild sense of humor or some extra juicy gossip they’ve dug up about someone you hate. How thoughtful!

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