Witches & Dangerous Woman of the Zodiac

It all starts with fire. When they are under attack, or just plain vexed, fire signs believe the best defense is a good offence.

Aries can be quite the ruthless savage, and rip you a new orifice with her murderous confrontations. If you challenge her ego, or hurt her feelings (because she’s actually quite sensitive) she will not hesitate to get in your face and literally lambaste you. A livid Aries can be likened to a banshee; there is plenty of screaming, flailing limbs, flying objects, and a lot of spit flying in your face. All of her dramatic acts are a warning sign for your impending doom, but her memory is too short for longstanding animosity.

Now Leo raises the bar for bad girl, because she’s a bit more heinously patient than the Ram. Normally a Leo gal doesn’t get caught up in devilry, because she doesn’t like to dishonor her majestic status (that’s why you hire henchmen or an assassin), but she will decree diabolical punishment if you disrespect her. It starts with her stare. Like Medusa, one icy glance will turn you to stone. Then the claws come out. Even if she’s a vegan Leo, she’ll have no trouble chopping up your pride, and serving it for dinner, should you get mouthy with her; Leo loves belittling people who think they’re bigger and better than her.

The third fire sign, Sagittarius, isn’t known to be very vengeful, but she is bad-tempered, and like the other 2, will get loud and violent. And like Aries, she will chuck objects at your head. Plus she’ll take a carving knife to your self-esteem with her painfully accurate truths, and incinerate your confidence. Because Sag is one of those careless signs, after your cremation, she’ll dance on your grave while laughing and joking maniacally.

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